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Kon Crimp Butt

Kon Crimp Butt

'Wire Terminal Kit, Connector Assortment Type Crimp Terminals, Kit Type Terminal, Terminal Type Vinyl, Number of Pieces 130, Includes (20) 10RC-10, (25) 14RB-10, (15) 2RC-10X, (25) 2RB-14X, (20) 10RC-10F, (25) 14RB-10F, Number of Sizes 2, Sizes Included 10-12 AWG, 14-16 AWG, Wire Type Solid and Stranded - Copper Only, Standards UL File E9809'


Kon Crimp Butt Recently Purchased:

1000 Thomas Betts RAA21 Sta kon Red Butt Splice Insul Pressure Connectors, STA KON Butt Splice Connector16 14 AWGPK100 2RB14, 1000pcs Thomas Betts RAA217 Sta Kon Insulated Butt Splice 22 18 AWG, nib thomas betts STA KON 2C10 Butt Splice Connector Bare PK50, STA KON Butt Splice Connector22 18 AWGPK100 2A 18, TB Thomas Betts Sta Kon Butt Splices 2RB18X 45 2RB14X 86, Thomas Betts STA KON 2C 10 Butt Splices NEW 50 PCS, 100 Thomas Betts RAA21 Red Sta Kon 22 18 AWG Nylon Butt Splice, 100 Sta Kon 2RA18 Butt Splice Connector Insulated 22 18 awg red T, Thomas Betts STA KON 2F 4 Butt Splices NEW, 25 Sta Kon 2D 8 Butt Splice Connector Uninsulated 9 8 7 awg TB, Thomas Betts Sta Kon Butt Splice 2C10 New Box of 50, TB Sta Kon 2F 4 Unisulated Butt Splices 4 3 Awg Crimp Connector BOX 8 b123, 20 Sta Kon ES10 BS Butt Splice Connector Non Insulated 12 10 awg T, new thomas betts 2C10 STA KON BUTT SPLICE 12 10,

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