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Resoldering Station

Resoldering Station

The All New X-Tronic Model #3040-XR3 Antistatic 75 Watt Inline Soldering Iron Station with LED Temp Display, C/F Programmable Switch, 10 Minute Sleep Function, Deluxe Soldering Iron Holder with Side Solder Roll Holder, Brass Tip Cleaner with Cleaning Flux, Sponge Tip Cleaner Plus 6 Asst...

Note: Please read the manual careful before use the item. Operation Instruction: 1. To put the unsoldering equipment ready, and leave handle on the holder 2. To connect the power 3. To set the blast nozzle (large caliber nozzle preferred)...

OLED Air Controller 1.3 Size Screen Rewrok Resoldering Soldering Station Air Gun Controller - Electrical Soldering Tools Soldering Supplies- 1 x OLED Hot Air Controller 1.3 Size Screen Diy Set , Specification: Width: 50mm/2&quot Output Voltage: 24V Temperature range: 150-480℃ Package Included: 1 x OLED Air Controller 1...

Specifications:Input Voltage: 110V-240VOutput Voltage: 24VTemperature range: 150-480℃Package includes:1 x OLED Hot Air Controller 1.3 Size Screen Diy Set Detail Pictures:

Upgrade from ZM-5860, adding one more function: top air speed adjusted function. Stronger material and perfect design Now we will send 80*80 reballing kit and 6 stencils for free! Special feature: Imported heater, high quality, durable...

Weller has been the leading brand in professional-quality soldering equipment since 1945. In addition to its famous irons and soldering guns, Weller is also recognized as a leader in advanced electronic rework and repair equipment and irons for sophisticated industrial applications as well as numerous products for DIYers and hobbyists.

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