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Resoldering Station

Resoldering Station

OLED Air Controller 1.3 Size Screen Rewrok Resoldering Soldering Station Air Gun Controller - Electrical Soldering Tools Soldering Supplies- 1 x OLED Hot Air Controller 1.3 Size Screen Diy Set , Specification: Width: 50mm/2&quot Output Voltage: 24V Temperature range: 150-480℃ Package Included: 1 x OLED Air Controller 1...

Specifications:Input Voltage: 110V-240VOutput Voltage: 24VTemperature range: 150-480℃Package includes:1 x OLED Hot Air Controller 1.3 Size Screen Diy Set Detail Pictures:

This 90mm*90mm rework reballing solder station is easy to operate to work with your re-soldering work with chip gamemachine psp ps3 xbox 360 and those 90mm x 90mm 90*90mm stencil templates.

Note: Please read the manual careful before use the item. Operation Instruction: 1. To put the unsoldering equipment ready, and leave handle on the holder 2. To connect the power 3. To set the blast nozzle (large caliber nozzle preferred)...

Main Features: 1.All metal buckle, high temperature resistance, no deformation, anti-fall and corrosion resistance. 2.The corresponding position of each press button is the screw hole or vacancy of the motherboard, which does not damage any small components of the motherboard, and does not hinder the re-soldering of any components...

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